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Analysis of Lords of the Fallen. Warriors without souls

The dark and challenging RPG adventures of Lords of the Fallen have wanted to take a walk through the mobile terminals. And in that move their orientation and gameplay have been quite altered. We analyze the result of this transformation.

Incredible precedent with its Demon / Dark Souls saga

Incredible precedent with its Demon / Dark Souls sagaThis challenging and tremendously absorbing role-playing game has been imitated to the full by dozens of titles (including the recent and recommended Ni Oh by Team Ninja), with Lords of the Fallen being one of the most famous. Personally, I was not convinced, but I certainly believe that Deck 13, its original developers, did a good job in different areas of the game and I certainly believe that it is a title that deserves a second part.

This production is already under development but, long before it appears, CI Games did not want to miss the opportunity to create a version for iOS and Android systems of this same saga that is named simply Lords of the Fallen. However, as was predictable, there have been changes in his transfer… not very convincing in my opinion.

Infinity Blade. This game by Chair Entertainment was an incredible revolution within the games for mobile systems and it was a game that, in my opinion, was no longer only highlighted by showing a graphic finish unsuitable for its time in iOS systems( the title ran over Unreal Engine 3 for the first time in this format), but most importantly of all it created a genre in itself rather curious: the RPG combats one against one.

Just this adaptation of Lords of the Fallen for mobile follows this same path. And even though such a transformation was quite predictable given that recreating such a game style in mobile formats is not impossible but rather complicated, the truth is that it does not end up being the right fit for me. Yes, it presents some interesting elements and has several remarkable qualities, but the end result is not as round as it should have been.

Role one-against-one

Role one-against-oneThe story he tells us is not exactly absorbent. Our task is to embody three different heroes (Harkyn, Kaslo and Yetka) to finish with the evil Queen Akasha and her host of monsters, which appear without ceasing before us one after the other in a cyclic manner. To put an end to them, we must use both various weapons and our shield and also carry out defensive manoeuvres. By performing the classic touches and slides on the touch screen at the right time we will be able to attack, protect and counterattack in a relatively fluid way. Moreover, if we manage to carry out three consecutive defensive maneuvers, the opponent will be stunned for a few seconds, moments in which we can carry out a combination of devastating attacks.

To this are added other playable facets such as the possibility of carrying out a kind of Fatalities (but not as violent as some think) to the enemies when they remain at our mercy, a gore touch that does not look bad to the title given its characteristics. Nor should we forget the RPG brushstrokes that are so necessary in this type of proposal to break a little with monotony, from creating new weapons to using objects or different types of pieces of equipment.

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