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There is life beyond Pokémon, that must think of Game Freak-and with great success, because the talent that the studio possesses should not be anchored in a single saga even if it has given you money to live comfortably for a thousand lives. The point is that the creatives of the Japanese study so closely linked to Nintendo have been developing on their own for years and years, and not only having the consoles of the Big N as their base platforms. Game Freak has been in the video of champion strike game candlestick for almost three decades, and although they are named after the saga of pocket monsters, they have been developing projects here and there. In the case of the production that today we are dealing with Giga Wrecker ALT a patch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Giga Wrecker, a game that appeared on PC in the year 2017.

In Giga Wrecker we are going to find a land ravaged

With humanity practically eradicated and conquered by a robotic race that one day was well enough to reach our planet. As we’re told, the robots immediately took over. They purged every unfit human being-the sick and the elderly-murdered more than half of the adult population and only allowed adolescents who were trained for work to live. Thus, almost the entire human species was enslaved and forced to work with champion strike game in robotic factories to death. One of those people is Reika, our protagonist. One day, while hiding, she is found by a mysterious girl who claims to kill her for the sake of humanity. But the plan doesn’t go well and Reika gets badly hurt. It will be a scientist who finds her and, in exchange for saving her life, experiment with Reika’s left arm and nervous system. So, once recovered, we go on a journey in search of revenge against robots and answers trying to find out who hurt us.

champion strike gameplay

So the whole gameplay revolves around Reika’s robotic arm. A Reika that is now more a cyborg than a human given the abilities it possesses thanks to the technology implanted by the Doctor. Our mission during the game will be, as in all of metroidvania, to explore the scenarios, to solve puzzles with certain doses of backtracking, to exterminate enemies and to move forward firmly while our questions are answered. The game mixes, we have to point out it as appropriate, several genres with good tino and above all very good doing. It is not easy to combine action and platform with the resolution of puzzles based mostly on the physics of objects. Reika’s arm has the ability to transform itself into objects – by means of plans that we will have to find scattered over the extensive mapping – in addition to being able to become a real ball of demolition if we gather debris from matter. robótica.De this way we can both attack enemies-using a Katamary Damacy-like system – in which according to the category of the robot in question our ball must be more or less large to be able to damage them.

The invading robotic race has an uncountable horde of soldiers of various ranks

The first enemies we meet will be mere pawns, cannon fodder, but along the levels we will run into bigger rivals. How can it not be otherwise, the bosses will be more than present. These leaders occupy the highest echelons of the robotic champion strike military hierarchy which, as a feudal system, run various sectors of the planet. The battles against these jerifaltes will be one of the highlights of the game and we will have to use all our ability and those of Reika to be able to rise with victory.

giga wrecker

But the arm of our heroine is not only limited to the pure fighter and hard but is also key to the resolution of the puzzle that we we go finding our way. These puzzles, including the game champion strike which are usually to access areas needed to activate a door or lift, play a lot with the physical ones and usually have the same pattern: destroy one of their parts to make it fall and create a bridge or perform counterweight games. All of it using our left arm and its amazing powers. However, because the arm is a powerful weapon, it can sometimes get out of hand-never better said – and we will inadvertently destroy the platforms we want to use. Don’t panic because puzzle areas usually have a kind of “time portal” where we can go back a few moments and start over.

We will also count on the invaluable help of a small, cunning robot who, if needed, will explain the moves we have to make to overcome the puzzle. Apart from this help it will give us keys to understanding the society and hierarchy of invading robots. The typical “companion” who gives advice and who, to tell the truth, is not at all annoying since it is not obligatory to use champion strike on it and in case of emergency-rarely – can always get us out of trouble.

It should be said that there are little RPG touches as as we add up robotic matter it will become a kind of” coins ” that we can exchange for skills. Not that it’s a particularly convoluted, deep, or complicated skill tree, but it does give Reika’s arm a certain strategic and personalization touch. Most skills are related to health, the attractiveness force of robotic matter, or the amount of damage the arm can do. Thus, between jumps, puzzles and go carrying our demolition ball to go blow up enemies us iran passing the hours in an adventure very well resolved. As we said earlier, the mix of various genres suits Giant Wrecker in a great way.

Visually surprising for the overall good design of both scenarios and characters and enemies

However, the colour chosen seems to us to be somewhat saturated and excessive. And we explain: the color palette does not seem the best indicated because many times the background of the scenarios is confused with the materials from which the demolition ball is made.

champion strike

Resulting in a confusing and saturated set of not knowing where our character starts and where the platform ends. However the character design, very manga style, is quite correct and somewhat generic. For their part the scenarios are very wide and although all have a certain industrial touch there is enough variety so that they do not become or become boring.Finally, as far as the sound section of the game is concerned, we are faced with a correct soundtrack of electronic themes that will accompany the action without further ado. At times it will become more present and at other times we will hardly hear any music. On the other hand, the sound effects-blows, explosions, Reika’s complaints – also yield correctly to what happens on the screen.

Reika's complaints


Giga Wrecker ALT is a good video game that serves to show that Game Freak also knows how to do other things beyond his fetish franchise. The Union of several genera is very well packed. It’s fun to go exploring with Reika, crush enemies with our wrecking ball and use the arm as different weapons. A story of revenge and search for answers that is very nice to play. Perhaps what we least liked is the saturated color palette used-sometimes our character and his ball are confused with the background of the stage. But still it is a very enjoyable adventure as we will have sections of action, mixed with the platforms and quieter sectors where the puzzles will have all the protagonism.

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